Amazing! Thank you so much for everything! You being a great artist and simply wonderful. I also appreciate how level headed you are with this hole ordeal. Its nice to know that some tumblr users don't freak out over a simper change in the hue and intensity of a color being printed on black. Best of wishes to ya~

Oh no, thankyou so much. You are just darling, Im glad there is at least someone out there that wasn’t out to rain on my parade! Just don’t take them too seriously, they will die down soon I hope. c:

I think it would be amazing to have that added to the shirt! It would be a honor. Do I have to commission for a design on the back because I don't have any money ^_^''

Oh no, sweetheart of course not! I would be more than happy to! You are paying to put my signature up there, its the least I could do! You’re too sweet. c:


"Oh look another one" - the cashier


Okay cool! I won't get involved in this unless someones comes to me, I thought it was just a tan and got so confused for awhile! Thank you for the actual designer clearing that up XD I will wear my shirt with pride! In my mall there are shirt print designers, mind if I have them add your tumblr name on the back? Or any other name? I like art to be tagged by the artist :) If so it would be SO cool if you could design a print of your Name/tag/logo! You deserve credit.

Haha, no problem at all!

ohmygoodness!! I would be so flattered!! Oh, but you don’t have to do that! Only if you want to, but I would be happy to! ///;;;

Hi so uh you might want to see this post: brojade(.)co(.)vu/post/92595277436/hot-topic-white-washed-homestuck-and-you-should-be-mad They might have deliberately changed your design and I think you should have a look for yourself considering it's your art and you have at least one of the t-shirts to compare.

Please please stop, you all are so extremely embarrassing. 

my design

the shirt I bought

its literally the exact same, the only difference is is is darker because it is printed on a black shirt and it changes the colors slightly. It is a just a tshirt. Colors transfer differently in the printing process. Please stop embarrassing yourselves.

Hey! Its me again :) Guess what I'm wearing? And speaking of which has your design been whitewashed? There are some angry posts going around and I want to try stopping them if they are mistaken. An earlier post from you may have said otherwise? It was a little confusing ^^' (also thanks for calling me cute >///< I think I may have to start believing it now.)

Well, I’m afraid people are more prone to fighting and over reacting than actually researching. I’ve given up, there will always be false information and people looking for reasons to smother out good. From the shirts that I bought today, it is absolutely beautiful and I see no white washing at all. 

My original design

The shirt I bought today

It’s literally the exact same, but that leaves nothing to fight about so everyone is still glomming onto the filtered version because it gives them a soapbox to stand on because “OMG ITS STOLEN AND WHITEWASHED”

just give them a few days, in the mean time just sit back and laugh at the ridiculous tags. c:

I wanted to wear it too;;

*cries because I love your t-shirt and the fact that it won the Hot Topic contest, but also because I visited a Hot Topic the other day and never saw a single piece of Homestuck merchandise there*

Oh no, don’t fret friend! I was only just emailed today by the head of Welovefine that they were starting to appear in stores, so it shouldn’t be long for them to start showing up! I don’t think they have even gotten it on the website yet! c:

Love the shirt! Thank you for the lovely design. Once I saw it I knew I had to have it!

aaaaAAAHHHH;; Thank you so much for showing me thatsjustsocool;;  
And you are just too cute!! 

Love the shirt! Thank you for the lovely design. Once I saw it I knew I had to have it!

aaaaAAAHHHH;; Thank you so much for showing me thatsjustsocool;;  

And you are just too cute!!